Oh what a happy day…

Foot-In-Mouth Syndrome

Oh Yes!

I finally found diagnosis of what is going on with me and my mouth! You know, when I watched Bridget Jones for a first time, I thought – OMG thats me! I dont even know how to stop it, as English is my second language and my mentality isnt exactly so restrained (free spirit type) I tend to get into the trouble quite often. I think the distance from my brain to my mouth isnt long enough. Somehow my thoughts always find an exit in the simplest way I can put them together – and then comes the silence. . . As if I have a chance to explain myself.  It always happens when Im in rush, trying to pull together million thoughts in one sentence. And there it is – dropped like a bomb. My conversational partner was left with a smile only watching me walking away-with a smile as well but for totally different reason and all of the sudden: OMG rewind! rewind! I didnt mean that! Such an idiot! And so, after supposedly nice chat I was left with taste of  foot in my mouth!


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